The Roman Empire Never Existed — at Least According to This TikToker

“What have the Romans ever finished for us?” John Cleese contemplated in Monty Python’s “Lifetime of Brian.” 

Nicely, nothing as a result of in keeping with one TikToker, historical Rome wasn’t even actual.

Sorry to tell you, Edward Gibbon. 

The supposedly history-themed TikToker, whose deal with is @momllennial_, garnered outrage — and views — after she claimed in a Nov. 16, 2021, TikTok that historical Rome was “a figment of the Spanish Inquisition’s creativeness.” 

@momllennial_, whose bio as soon as acknowledged that she has a bachelor’s diploma in anthropology and historical past, doubled down on each her haughtiness and fallaciousness when she continued to falsely declare that there isn’t a single present “Roman doc” or “main supply doc,” and cited the famed Qasr Ibrim papyrus that’s the oldest surviving manuscript of Latin poetry, is definitely written in Greek.  

The video naturally sparked some debate amongst @momllennial_’s 93,000 followers, with one commenter asking, “So folks have been simply constructing aqueducts for enjoyable or what?” 

The historical past influencer shortly drew the ire of Maxwell T. Paule, an historical and classical research professor at Earlham Faculty in Indiana. The professor shortly debunked this declare by translating the primary two sentences of the traditional textual content — from Latin. 

Hadrian’s Wall and or a street for svelte Picts, if this TikToker is to be believed. (Getty Photos)

@momllennial_ wasn’t finished but, nonetheless. On Nov. 22, the TikToker claimed that Hadrian’s Wall, a Roman defensive fortification constructed to protect the northwest frontier of the Roman Empire in Britannia, “can’t be confirmed to be of Roman development” and falsely asserted that it’s not a wall, however a street. 

Surviving main sources beg to vary, nonetheless.  

A day later, @momllennial_ issued a mea culpa of types and launched a follow-up video titled “Three Minute Video: Rome Thesis.” Within the clip, she backtracks on her declare that Rome wasn’t actual and that her statements have been merely (jazz fingers) a metaphor

She additional claimed that “there [we]re large gaps within the archeological report” — one thing that no historians are literally in dispute about — and argued that Greece was the “energy participant” of the time interval between the fourth and second centuries B.C., not Rome.  

“Rome was an empire like Disney or the circus,” she contends. 

And that’s why we test our sources, youngsters. That, and skim Gibbon.