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The January 2022 Army Historical past article “McArthur’s Gamble,” by Bob Gordon, was wonderful, as was your entire number of articles in that problem. 

The McArthur article famous Sherman’s 1864 March to the Sea from Atlanta to Savannah as a follow-on instance. However that motion was really a conquest, smashing a 60-mile-wide path by means of Georgia within the mixed drive to crush the South and win the Civil Battle. 

A greater instance of an analogous kind of raid to McArthur’s is the extremely profitable Grierson’s Raid (April 17–Might 2, 1863), a 600-mile strike by means of southern Tennessee and Mississippi on into Union-occupied Baton Rouge, La. 

This 1,700-troop cavalry raid tied the central Southern forces in knots, distracting from efforts to marshal forces to counter Ulysses S. Grant’s pending assault on Vicksburg, and all with very low Union losses. Grant used this profitable instance of residing off the land to push his fast assault on Jackson, Miss., earlier than turning again to put siege to Vicksburg. These successes had been the premise on which Sherman later deliberate his order-of-magnitude-larger March to the Sea.

Mark Prose
Oracle, Ariz.

Editor responds: Truthful sufficient, although Brig. Gen. Duncan McArthur arguably confronted a stiffer problem in that his operation, not like these of Col. Benjamin Grierson or Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman, was a spherical journey by means of enemy territory. 

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