Combat Troops in Vietnam Depended On These Support Units

Nevertheless a lot fight troops dominated the information throughout the Vietnam Battle, the grunts knew they owed a lot to the huge armada of assist troops who backed them up. The battlefield heroism carried out within the rainforests and the highlands would have been inconceivable with out the weapons and ammunition to battle, or the meals to maintain those that fought.

All of these provides needed to be shipped or flown over 1000’s of miles to the principle bases, then distributed by truck or plane to the scattered posts the place they had been most wanted. Earlier than that work might be performed, the principle base services needed to be established, constructed up by Military engineers or the legendary Navy development battalions, abbreviated CBs, or extra colloquially, the Seabees. These services needed to be periodically maintained and repaired.

Vans had been universally truthful sport in Vietnam, whether or not they had been communist-run automobiles dodging quite a lot of U.S. air-dropped ordnance on the Ho Chi Minh Path or American haulers who had been subjected to frequent ambush and infrequently defended their very own automobiles with makeshift armor and gun positions.

Airplanes and helicopters additionally usually got here beneath hearth whereas transporting “beans and bullets” from a firebase to some platoon within the boonies.

Even the clerk typists had been appreciated when payday arrived…or the tour of responsibility ended and the service member was signing up for a journey on the Freedom Chicken.

Regardless of the disparaging names that fight troops had for the rear echelon troopers, Vietnam was distinguished by not having a lot of a rear echelon. Whether or not you had been a clerk, a cook dinner or a provide sergeant, there was no place from Khe Sanh to Saigon the place mortar hearth or some Viet Cong with a bag of explosives couldn’t discover you.


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