A Single Thread of Moonlight

Written by Laura Wooden
Overview by Elizabeth Hawksley

1886: a fortune is at stake. Eleven-year-old Iris Scott-Holland believes that her abusive step-mother has engineered her father’s demise and now needs Iris herself useless. She’s determined to understand how her father died and what occurred to his will. She flees to London, modifications her identify to Iris Grey and, after a seven-year apprenticeship, turns into a top-class dressmaker.

Woman Scott-Holland is enjoying for top stakes: the highly-attractive Prince Stepan is on the lookout for a spouse—and her daughter, Agatha, would absolutely be excellent. In the meantime, the good-looking earl, Nicholas Wynter, has his personal causes for eager to damage Stepan, and he persuades Iris to be his confederate. Which ought to Iris belief, Prince Stepan or Lord Wynter? She needs to humiliate Woman Scott-Holland publicly, reclaim her inheritance, and get her revenge…

I completely loved this guide; it’s fast-paced, escapist and enjoyable. Any romantically-inclined feminine from 11 up ought to find it irresistible. Nevertheless, for my part, the creator misses some severe methods by not researching the best way to tackle numerous aristocrats in case you are a servant, an equal, or wish to be formal or casual—and it jars, e.g., all the time referring to Iris’s step-mother as ‘Helena’ as a substitute of ‘Woman Scott-Holland’ reduces the baleful impact of that woman’s presence. Laura Wooden wants a replica of Debrett’s Appropriate Kind.

She additionally misjudges appropriate behaviour for the interval: a woman was by no means launched to a gentleman—it was all the time the opposite means spherical. Women had the proper to refuse. It ought to be: Miss Grey, could I introduce... (She would possibly wish to say, ‘Mama wouldn’t want me to satisfy Lord Wildblood…’.) Right here, Laura Wooden wants Manners and Guidelines of Good Society by A Member of nobility. It was a best-seller—my very own 1892 copy is the 18th version. It shouldn’t be troublesome to discover a copy.