Cover of the book 'The Spanish Bridegroom' by Jean Plaidy.

King Philip II of Spain

Emperor Charles V waged war all his life in his desire for a large and powerful empire. He succeeded marvellously, managing to conquer half of Europe. At the age of 55, he withdrew into a monastery to devote his last years to God.

His only son Philip inherited the Netherlands, Spain, and parts of Italy and France. He lost his territory in Austria and Germany.

Philip II (1527-1598) was a Spaniard throughout. He did not speak any foreign language and had no sympathy for the cold, northern regions. He did not appreciate their informal dealings, being used to the formal manners at the Spanish court.

He did not at all like modern humanistic thinking. He preferred to take example from his ancestors Isabella and Ferdinand, who had chased the Jews and the Moors out of Spain. That´s how he came to his life´s mission: vanquishing all modernisms and dragging heretics to the stake.

The British writer Jean Plaidy has created a nice story in ‘The Spanish Bridegroom’, in which Philip and his family play the central part. He married four times. His first wife was a full cousin; both were grandchildren of the insane Joanna the Mad. They had a son who was completely out of his mind as well. Some sources state that Philip personally took this son´s life.

After the death of his cousin, he entered into a political marriage to the English queen (Bloody) Mary to drive out heresy from England. She also passed away rather soon, so that a new political coalition could be formed through another marriage, this time to a French princess. He finally married an Austrian niece. Only when he was 50, he got the son who would later on inherit his throne as Philip III. But by that time, this did not include the Netherlands anymore.

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