Cover of the book 'A Place Called Freedom' by Ken Follet.

Slavery in Scotland

Scotland 1767. A mining village in Fife.

After every baptism an additional ritual is performed: the parents promise the land owner that this child will work for him all his life, until its death. In exchange, the parents get a pocket full of money.

Every villager who runs away is traced and punished: he is made to wear a collar that reads “This person is the property of …” followed by the name of the landowner.

One day, one of the miners decides to write a lawyer in London and ask him whether this is in accordance with the laws of the country. To his great surprise and joy, he receives an answer: this is not legal. Slavery is unlawful.

This is how Ken Follet’s novel A Place Called Freedom starts. A beautiful book: full of excitement and romance, and with an interesting historical setting.

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