Cover of the book 'Imperium' by Robert Harris.

Cicero in Rome

Cicero (106 BC - 43 BC) starts his political career as a lawyer.

He is not rich by birth. In his time, only lawyers from wealthy families would get rich and influential customers. However, his eloquence and his marriage to a higher class lady quickly rais him on the social ladder.

Cicero wants the best for the Roman empire, but he wants recognition and applause as well.

Whenever he leaves the house, he gives his daughter a big hug. Out of love, of course, but also because there is a crowd watching - potential voters.

He also defends a dubious senator, only because declining would harm his career.

He chooses not to move to an expensive home because he wants people to think of him as a man who is faithful to his old neighbourhood. Cicero is a man of principles, but he is not a hero without faults.

Most people associate the Roman empire with the wars of Julius Caesar. But those occurred slightly later.

During Cicero, Rome was a genuine democracy concerned with safety, social services and terms of employment - just like we are now.

Robert Harris wrote a beautiful novel about Cicero the politician: Imperium.

More info on: Crimezone.nl, from which the above text was derived.

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