Zorro in California

Zorro is the name of the man who fights for justice anonymously. The people around him know him as Diego de la Vega, a boring and conceiting person who likes poems and romantic conquests.

He was born in 1795 as the son of a Spanish merchant who married a native Indian wife in the colony of California. His mother and her tribe raise him in the native Indian way. To them he is Zorro, the Spanish word for fox.

His father sends him to Europe, to be properly educated, to a Spain occupied by Napoleon. He lives rough between the gypsies,  pirates and rebels. He joins a secret society that fights the French and strives for a just world. He has to flee the country because of romantic and political intrigues.

Back in California, the Spanish colonists are driving the Indians ever further from their land and forcing the natives to work for them. Anyone who is showing signs of dissidence is removed. Diego's father is also imprisoned on the charge of treason.

Diego decides to dedecate his life to fighting for justice. He starts by freeing his father and giving the wealthy colonists' money to the poor natives. 

Zorro is a fictive character in the story 'The Curse of Capistrano' by Johnston McCulley Which appeared as a series in the 'All Story Weekly' in 1919.

Isabel Allende has splendidly recast his story in a fictive biography, told from the perspective of a contemporary who has known him intimately for many years.

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