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After years of reading historical novels about the history of the Low Countries and a year-and-a-half of cataloguing, the harvest is now available online at historischeromans.be and historischeromans.nl.

For English speaking enthusiasts, a part of the contents of this site has now been translated - with only the books available in English listed.

The oldest books, those from before 1910, are mostly written by foreigners: four Englishmen, a Frenchman, a German. How come the history of the Low Countries interested them that much?

Even today people from abroad like to delve into our heydays, for example in The Thousans Autumns of Jacob de Zoet, The Lady and the Unicorn and The Coffee Trader.

Most books are set (partly) in Amsterdam; Antwerp and Bruges come in as good runners-up. Less common are those who wrote a book about Stavoren, Leuven or Terschelling.

Historical novels come in many different shapes and sizes. Sometimes a sermon is made to look like a novel. And sometimes it is just like reading a Harlequin novel. There’s thrillers, espionage, chronicles, biographical works, young-adult fiction, literary masterpieces and plain excellent reads.

Educational and – moslty – a pleasure to read.



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